How does a youth quadruple threat even begin to define herself? Well for starters she is a:

Positive Role Model, Singer, Spokesperson, StyleStar, Philanthropist, Author, Host, 

Actress, Brand Ambassador, Cheerleader, Dancer, Honor Student, & Model.

… The BEST is yet to come for this rising star.  At a young age, Dai has sercombe many accomplishments thus far in her young career. She has graced the cover of "Be You magazine!" When she’s not recording, filming a video, auditioning for her next role or having fun with her best friends, Dai regularly uses her own savings to buy meals and/or gifts for others in need. The Holiday seasons are no exception. Music’s new darling wrapped and delivered gifts to families at the Pine Street Shelter that she purchased with the earnings of her latest single, "Best Friend." Dai also participated in the Hosea Williams Christmas Day Charity Event.

Before her popular track, “Best Friend” received such a warm reception on Vevo, Dai had released fun songs like “My TuTu” and “Hair Bows and Skates.” Dai Time performed these songs as she graced stages and audiences from Raleigh and Greensboro NC, Washington, DC to Baltimore MD and all over Atlanta with her rambunctious and acrobatic delivery! She recently turned it up on the east coast in New York for Neon Kisses clothing line. She also rocked events such as:

  • Youth Entrepreneurs of Atlanta
  • Autism Awareness-Atlanta, GA
  • Tween Awards-Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Autism Awareness-Washington, DC
  • Who's Who Atlanta at Six Flags
  • Red carpet host for Venessa Simmons Girlfriend
  • Champagne in Los Angeles 
  • Panelist Mommy and Me Bigger Tour 

Dai Time expresses herself through a creative and carefree style that consists of tutus, odd boots and shoes, vibrant colors and patterns that rarely match. Her overall mission is to promote the arts and self-expression in a powerful, vibrant and fun way amongst her peers.  She promotes individuality and believes there isn’t anything one can’t achieve.

The proud Georgia Peach’s social media channels have garnered hundreds of thousands of views! As her Facebook, Instagram and YouTube audiences grow, Dai loves being able to engage fans and supporters from all over the globe via comments, views and follows.

The little wonder is a favorite at family-friendly functions, skating parties, birthdays, corporate, fashion and charity events. In case you didn’t know; it’s about that time…