New Netflix Series "Wednesday" Cast Catches All The Hype

Jenna Ortega lead star in Netflix Wednesday says Enid would’ve dated “in a perfect world”. Since the premiere of Netflix’s Wednesday, there’s been a lot of talk about the romantic interest of the two on the show.  The duo of Wednesday and Enid has become one of the most popular ships of the series, with fans officially christening the budding couple with the hashtag #Wenclair. The hashtag #Wenclair has over 1 billion views of more on most social media platforms. And, as it turns out, viewers are not alone in manifesting this opposites-attract because both Jenna and Emma are also very much on board.  During the premiere event for the series, Jenna gave an interview to PRIDE on the red carpet and admitted “in a perfect world, #Wenclair would have been a thing”.  I guess we all will wait to see.